"Roxy" 2/15/00

"Winston" 6/3/06

Picture Gallery

Our home

Fonda in 1982 with first place trophy pulling Pro Stock

Fonda And Her Friend Dale Earnhardt

Our Daughter Brandi

Roland Accepting First Place At Tomah,Wisconsin Grand National 1997

Our Boxer Roxy

Our Boxer Sami

Our Boxer puppy Winston

Our Pro Stock Tractor

Our John Deere Pro Stock Tractor taking a win at Bowling Green,Ohio in 1991

Roland excepting first place award at Inwood Ont.,Canada in 1997

Winning Pull At Tomah, Wisconsin Grand National Event 1997

Our Super Stock Tractor

The Winning Pull At Mt.Sterling,Illinois Grand National Event 1997

The Puller Magazine Cover January 1994 of our Super Stock Tractor

Full Pull Magazine Cover Fall 1997

New "98" Photo's!

St.Hyacinthe,Quebec Canada:

Brandi being chummy with Top Fuel Dragster Joe Amato at Columbus,Ohio Nationals, the NHRA event we attended this June 1998.:

Hamburg New York( Photo from Jim Walbolt) :

Bowling Green,Ohio ( Photo from Jim Walbolt) :

Tomah,Wisconsin ( Photo from Jim Walbolt) :

Roland accepting award for winning Inwood, Ont. Canada :

Brandi accepting her award at NTPA Banquet for winning RAD scholarship. (Photo from Jim Walbolt) :

NFMS 2nd Place award

"99" Photo's!

Louisville,Ky. 1999 (photo from Photo Joe) :

Joliet, Ill ( photo from Jim Walbolt )

Joliet, Ill( photo from Julie Hirt )

Fort Recovery, Ohio ( photo from Julie Hirt )

"2000" Photo's!

Louisville,Ky 2000 1st place pass(photo from Photo Joe)

Louisville, Ky 2000 1st place award

Georgetown, Ohio GN (Photo from Sandy Hickman)

Bowling Green,Ohio SGN ( Photo from Patrick Van Strien)

"2001" Photo's !

Louisville, Kentucky Farm Show ( Photo from Sascha )

Burlington,Ky May 4th, (Photo from Photo Joe)

Roland being interviewed while displaying at Jerry Haag Motors.( Photo from Greg Randall)

Roland makes "Athlete of the week".

Roland in the winner circle at Bowling Green receiving his 4th place award.

"2002" Photo's !

Bowling Green,Ohio ( Photo by Julie Hirt)

Bowling Green, Ohio ( Photo by Randy Proctor)


"2003" Photo's !

Award Presented to us at Louisville,Ky for 20 consecutive years of competing at NFMS.

( Many Thanks to the photo taken by Julie Hirt)

Louisville, Ky

(Photo by Julie Hirt)

"2004" Photo's !

Tiffin, Ohio

( Photo by Kathleen Bogdan )

West Union, Ohio

( Photo by Kathleen Bogdan )

Gallipolis, Ohio

( Photo by Kathleen Bogdan )

"2006" Photo's

NFMS Louisville, Ky

( Photo by Jake Morgan)

Brandi October 16th,2006

( Photo by me)

"Miss Lacy Lou" 4 months old.

(photo by me)

Our new Deck Roland built on the back of the house at the end of summer.

( photo by me)